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Dear Mr. Ismail and the team,

I found your company via Google search and after going through many other companies offering similar service, I went with your company and was fortunate to be using your top notch service. Since I'm into domain investing business ( and having sent all the documents to review, Mr. Ismail was quick enough to go through and gave green signal that everything was good to be submitted. He is very kind and nice right from the beginning till the visa got stamped. Even after that I've been in touch with him for several relevant questions and the best thing about him is he answers in very timely manner and in same way like did at the start of using his company services. That's the best part of this company and not most can stick with it when everything is completed. I sincerely recommend everyone who's interested in applying for MM2H to go with MM2H.CO and you won't be disappointed at all IF you meet all the minimum requirements for getting MM2H visa. I would be happy see this testimonial published on your website because there are many people who work online and looking to apply for MM2H so I gave my website address to encourage such people that it's possible to get MM2H via working and making money online. Still it's your call to let my website address be there or edit it. Thank you once again for everything. Will always recommend your service to anyone who's interested in MM2H and other relevant services you mentioned earlier. Best regards AbdulBasit

Ms. R. Cheng, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I am very satisfied with the services provided by Expat. Ismail and his team member Rudy have processed our application in a very professional and timely manner. I am also surprised that Rudy can speak very good Chinese. In the beginning, I was a bit worry that I might not be able to finish all procedures within one trip. Fortunately, Expat didn’t disappoint me and arranged everything smoothly and completed my MM2H application. They answered my emails quickly and provided me very useful information. In fact, I have already recommended Expat to my relatives

WENDY, Netherlands


My Expat (Ismail, Ruby, and Zainab) arranged our MM2H visa application. They did an excellent job! They are very professional, they know exactly what is needed and you feel like your application is in the right hands! At the same time, they are very open and friendly and always ready to help you! They have taken all the worries out of our hands, from the intake until receiving the visa. They guided us through the whole process step by step and if you had any questions or uncertainty you could call or app them and they responded very quickly! The service and advice that My expat gave us was always very clear and they helped us also with extra services like healthcare insurance, opening bank accounts, visa stamping etc... Even after receiving your visa, you can always count on them for information or help! I can and will really recommend My Expat to anyone and we will definitely stay with My expat for the future! Thank you very much for everything Myexpat!



Very fast and efficient service.



My expat make my stay more easier and trustful…and feels like real home I will recommend it for any one I know So professional and sophisticated way Proud to deal with such a company Special thanks to ismail.



We chanced upon MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd and it’s director Mr. Ismail after sifting thru a host of MM2H agents on-line. What attracted us most during the initial fact-finding period was the matter-of-fact manner in which all our queries were answered by Ismail and the speed of response to any query, which very rarely exceeded 2-days of turn-around time. We are extremely happy with Ismail’s committment to deliver what he assured and the meticulousness with which he goes about preparing the supporting documentation to ensure success. We would recommend MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd and it’s director Mr. Ismail to any aspiring MM2H applicant.



Very very reliable and recommendable company for mm2h services.



Excellent service and very much knowledgeable staff.



MyExpat holds a very depth knowledge on MM2H visa program and guide me exactly whatever required to make the visa processing faster and without any hassle. I got my MM2H visa very quickly because of MyExpat’s extensive experience in dealing with MM2H visa, excellent communication and guidence, and high professional way to handle the case. Thanks to MyExpat.



Excellent service, professional and knowledgable… Thank you!

Pieter Gerardus Klomp


Hello My colleague was already very positive about your company and I am also.

James Alan Lodge


Ismail is very efficient at what he does. The whole process was mainly painless getting the initial visa and he has helped us on all our requirements since we have been here. I couldn’t fault the service at all. Thank you

Jenny & Maziar Jahanshahi


We needed help to get our MM2H visa as fast as possible, and we are happy we asked Myexpat for help. We have already recommended you them to our friends.

John William Ishii & Diana, USA & UK

After a long thought on the MM2H program my wife and I decided to go for it. At first we contacted 2 other agents who seemed not very interested in our business and rarely returned our phone calls or text. Then they wanted the max of RM10,000.00 and a 50% deposit. Then I ran into Mr. Ismail’s site and contacted him. He was prudent and very prompt in calling me and his rates were half the amount and performance based. Ismail is very experienced at this and wasted no time in pre qualifying us. After gathering all the documents and sending to Mr. Ismail it was just a matter of time and we got our approval very quickly. I was amazed at how easy and painless this process was, and it was all attributed to Mr. Ismail and his attention for the smallest details. I would highly recommended Mr. Ismail for any one considering the MM2H program. He’s trust worthy and a man of his word. Thank you again.

Satheesh s/o A G Dharan, SINGAPORE

All I can say is that MyExpat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd are responsible for giving me and my wife a much needed new beginning and I shall be eternally grateful to them for that. What is most commendable is the honesty and integrity of the people in the said organisation. One is never made to feel like you are being misled. It’s strictly business 100% of the time and you know they are passionate about maintaining their 100% success rate. Bottom-line is, if they agree to act on your behalf, you know they will make Malaysia Your Second Home!!!

Sergey & Elena, RUSSIA

Thanks for your help.

Christine Mary Dickenson, AUSTRALIA

A very professional easy to use service . The turn around time was very quick, I would highly recommend the use of this service.

Le, Kim Trong, USA

I am very pleased and happy with the services rendered to me by Ismail at MyExpat MM2H. During the course of my application, I found that Ismail has managed to sort out the task efficiency, professional and timely. He is very reliable and very organized individual. Upon receiving the approval letter of my application, immediately, I referred my good friends to MyExpat MM2H and plan to continue to do so without any hesitation . Keep up your good work. Dr. Kim.


Found the overall package practical and user friendly

Diana Labuschagne, SOUTH AFRICA

From beginning to end, we felt that our concerns, questions, etc were answered immediately. We needed this as it helped us in making the decisions we did about going through with this visa. Never did we feel that it was going to be an uphill battle so to say. MyExpat took care of all our needs. Once in Malaysia, we felt welcomed by Ismail. He went out of his way to accommodate our needs. The entire process went smoothly and we would certainly recommend this company to all who are thinking of getting this visa.

Alistair John Swanson, UK

I am very happy with the help and support and I would reccomend others to use this service.

Gary A Allen, UK

We found services provided MyExpat MM2H to be excellent. They laid out clearly what was required, provided all required assistance to have all documentation certified & verified to ensure the application and approval process went without a hitch. Would certainly not hesitate to recommend Ismail and his team as the the right choice if you are considering making an application in respect to MM2H program. Regards Gary & Marcellina.

Henri Adriaan Hamelers, NETHERLANDS

Ismail could always answer all questions and solve all issues – and he did so promptly! We were very pleased with his services in obtaining the MM2H visa and will shortly be using him again for the next lot of issues such as buying a car, property etc. Would recommend his services anytime!

Hwong En Tao, CHINA

It has been a pleasure working with MyExpat. My needs are satisfied in a timely manner and every information is conveyed clearly. MyExpat respects the schedule of its client and i appreciate it fully. Thank you Mr. Ismail and all MyExpat team members!

Douglas Gates, UK

My dealings with MyExpat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd have seen a very smooth application process to obtain MM2h visa. When I visited Kuala Lumpur to arrange opening of bank accounts and attendance at the Ministry of Tourism Ismail and his colleagues were always on hand to escort me to the offices and guide me through the process. They were very courteous and I will be using their services again when I am ready to purchase a property and a car when I retire to the country in the very near future.


Although, I selected “MyExpat” as my Agent from on-line search, I have no regrets or any bad feelings since then. They handled & responded to my queries professionally and as if we know each other fully. As my experience with them has been very smooth, I have no hesitation in referring them to my colleagues who are interested in MM2H programme. Thanks Mr. Ismail Mussa and team for all the timely support & facilitation:-)

Werner Aeberhard, UK

Thanks for a job well done! Werner Aeberhard

Abdulillah Abdullah M. Zahid, SAUDI ARABIA

It was indeed a very satisfying experience working with you. I really appreciate all your guidance, efforts and assistance for successfully completing the process.

Rosdi bin Ahmad, SINGAPORE

Your company had given very good service to us. You did it as promised and we are very satisfied with your service.

Anonymous, XXXXXXX

I am very pleased and relieved to have been recommended MyExpat MM2H. I found Mr Ismail to be highly knowledgeable and very professional. He is also very courteous and friendly. My family and I also had the honor and opportunity of meeting his lovely and friendly family who extended us their generous hospitality. The company provided an extremely efficient and smooth service far beyond my expectations. I certainly have no hesitation of recommending anyone to utilize their services.

James Edward Alexander Brodie, UK

We found working with Ismail a very satisfactory experience. All our correspondence was carried out by email. His turnaround was excellent both re speed and information.

Ashraf Sathar, SRI LANKA

I had a great experience with MyExpat with switching of FD certificates from HSBC conventional banking to HSBC Amanah and was given recommendations and help which was above average and prompt to me when considering with agents who initially submitted my application to MM2h office. Rgds/Ashraf Sathar

Perry james Macdonald, UK

Ismail always answered my many many emails and texts promptly,professionally and clearly explained the ins and outs of some complicated areas.I did pester him a bit,but his assurances put me at ease and the application went through as he said no problems.I particularly liked that I did not have to attend personally to the immigration to collect the visa stamp in Putrajaya as this is a bit of a trek and standing in queues all day which I had experienced on another occasion.

Antonius Bovee, NETHERLANDS

(MM2H) Sdn Bhd has provided me with all the needed paperwork in a fast and very efficient matter which resulted in receiving my MM2H VISA‏ without a glitch. With their 100% success rate, I can highly recommend (MM2H) Sdn Bhd to assist you with your MM2H VISA‏ application.


I really appreciate your helpful info on almost every issue and quick response. All of them were very helpful to settle down in Malaysia. I hope to ask you other services when needed ’cause I trust you. Most of all, your full knowledge on the whole process was very impressive.

Ronald Francis Sinclair, UK

Government bureaucracy in any country that is not your home country can be a minefield. MyExpat had been recommended to me and the MM2H application process was rendered completely painless by MyExpat’s knowledge of the visa process and requirements! My MM2H application was a first time success and it was a very pleasant experience working with MyExpat. Thank you!

Celia Margaret Therese Gorsch, AUSTRALIA

We are so glad we chose MyExpat to help us with our MM2H visa. We had heard of people doing the process themselves but when they came across obstacles, they had no-one to help or offer advice. Ismail was professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable right from the beginning. He advised us on various matters that saw us being able to apply for the visa much sooner than we expected. He was able to get our visa processed very quickly, and handled all the behind-the-scenes action including our medicals and insurance, and for someone to take our passports to the Immigration department on our behalf so we didn’t have to wait. We couldn’t be happier with the service Ismail provided, and are now living in Langkawi and loving every minute. We would highly recommend MyExpat to anyone considering the MM2H visa.


I am happy with the service provided. Ismail Musa’ had responded to my overall application with professionalism. He is a confident person and had good faith that my application will be successfully.

Sigmund Joseph Solares, St.Kitts

Ishmail and the team at MyExpat made the MM2H process entirely painless. Prior to choosing MyExpat I read horror stories about other people who tried to complete the process on their own and how they wasted so much time going to the immigration department and trying to get their paperwork correct. With the guidance of MyExpat I quickly obtained my bank account, and when it came time to getting my passport stamped MyExpat brought my passport to immigration had it stamped and then immediately delivered the passport to me so that I would not have to wait to get my passport. I plan to use MyExpat for help in navigating other major decisions in Malaysia.

Ban Chong Lin, SINGAPORE,

The staff has been helpful. They are able to help me in all aspects.

Prakash Nath Goday, INDIA

I found My Expat extremely efficient and knowledgeable about the whole process.Never any hold-ups or delay from their side.Prompt and proactive so that I was guided through the entire programme painlessly. Obviously very experienced in the field, My Expat had all the answers before I could ask the questions. After my application was approved the remaining govt. formalities were completed within 24hrs of my arrival in K.L, I have no hesitation in recommending My Expat for speedy and efficient service.

Darren Vernon Couch, USA

I went through a difficult process with MM2H which was due to changing MM2H requirements with regard to the amount of FD funds. It took a bit longer, but in the end I had an approval for the lower FD funds amount. MyExpat was patient through the process which I admit at times was stressful. I can’t imagine trying to obtain MM2H without the assistance of MyExpat who understood the process and provided the necessary support. I would highly recommend MyExpat.

Shahid Muhammad Saleem, PAKISTAN

Without knowing personally i choose this company and i was surprised how guys explained me to proceed although i visit the office after 3 months of submission of my application but meeting was highly appreciable.Also i was wonder how fat company guys finish my work.I would like to keep my relation with this company till my life. Wonderful mr.Ismail wish you best of luck.

Salah Muhsen Omer Alamoudi, YEMEN

They company is doing well and hope that you can expand your services to serve the customers with various options.

Mohammed Abul Kalam, BANGLADESH

I am very happy with your service and feel reliable and quick response. Very knowledgeable.

Kim Dong Min, N.KOREA

I happened to know about your company on the Internet. MyExpat MM2H was at the top of the list of the companies in this field. Without face-to-face conference, there were dozens of phone calls and emails between us throughout the process. To be honest, I was sometimes not sure whether I could fully rely on your company and hesitated to go ahead. But after all, everything went smoothly as you expected and I had the approval of MM2H. I am specially satisfied with the terms of your payment. I just paid when everything had been ready to be processed. And I think your company will continue to be an excellent consultant in my life in this new land. If anyone wants to have MM2H visa, I strongly recommend MyExpat MM2H. They will not regret for choosing your company.

Muhammed Riazuddin, UK

I think Mr Ismail Musa’s record speaks for it self. I am happy with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending him. Extremely satisfied.

Kyaw Thu Ya, MYANMAR

Fast response, friendly communication, timely service, located in easily accessible location. I strongly recommend MyExpat for MM2H and related service.

Arend Wiemer de Jongh, NETHERLANDS

MyExpat MM2H provided me with a flawless and completely hasslefree service for the MM2H application of myself and my family. The company’s Executive Director & Senior Migration Consultant, Mr. Ismail Mussa is highly articulate, experienced and knowlegable and he provided excellent guidance during the application process. I would recommend the services of MyExpat MM2H unreservedly to anyone wishing to apply for the MM2H programme.

Brian John Collier, UK

Having used MyExpat services to obtain our MM2H Visas I can recommend the Company based on the very positive experience & the way our application and approvals process was handled. Brian Collier

Carlo Luzzi, ITALY

Before and during the time needed to process our MM2H appliaction Mr. Ismail Mussa was always very kind and reactive to answer to all my questions and dubts. He provided to me and my family good advises and an excellent level of service. I would strongly recommend MyExpat MM2H to anyone that is looking for an MM2H agent.

Mohamed Nasih, MALDIVES

Mr. Ismail Mussa of MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd dealt with my MM2H application in a courteous and professional manner which has made the process very simple and easy for me. The interactions were quick and comprehensive and the time I had to spend in Malaysia for the visa stamping was incredibly short thereby giving me the utmost peace of mind at all times.

Jeffrey Farrow, UK

My wife and I are very happy to recommend My Expat MM2H to anyone who is interested living in Malaysia. We came into the MM2H process with little knowledge but were given excellent advice from Ismail. He always responded promptly to our queries and was always patient, efficient and friendly. There are many stories online about applications going terribly wrong and incompetent or dishonest agents. However, with MyExpat MM2H we had no such worries as they were transparent and honest about all costs and charges. All the processes we went through were made straight forward and easy to navigate. Ismail and his team were always there with advice and reassurance.

Zacharias Mathew, INDIA

This is to thank you for your prompt service in obtaining MM2H family visa. I would recommend your agency who wishes service package that is hassle free, time bound and without hidden costs.

Hoque Mohd Nurul, PAKISTAN

I am highly satisfied with the service given to me by Mr. Ismail Mussa & his party to get MM2H Visa. Mr. Mussa is a good behaviour nice gentleman . He gave me such a good service / support during my MM2H prgm. I Cano’t explain properly. I conclude with wishing his company’s bright future. -HOQUE

Syed Mohsinuddin Hassan, INDIA

We were very happy and treated well by Mr. Ismail. He guided us throughout the process and had good knowledge. We will highly recommend the services to everyone trying to apply for MMH2.

Alexander Strebkov, RUSSIA

I’m 100% satisfied with services provided by MyExpat MM2H. I will not hesitate to recommend the Company to anyone interested in MM2H and related services. Thank you for proper answers to hundreds of questions and flawless process of MM2H application. I would like to thank Mr. Ismail Mussa personally for very good advices and fast and comprehensive replies to my numerous emails.

H M Shameem Hassan, BANGLADESH

Extremely satisfied for the service and commitment provided by the MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd. Remarkable commitment and profession guidance receive from Mr Ismail Mussa. I wish all the success and fame of the MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd in future.

Quek Swee Hoong, SINGAPORE

MyExpat MM2H provided a completely hassle-free experience for the MM2H application for myself and my family. The company’s Executive Director, Mr. Ismail Mussa is very experienced and knowledgeable and he provided exemplary service and guidance throughout the application process. I would definitely recommend the services of MyExpat MM2H unreservedly to anyone wishing to apply for the MM2H programme. Thank you.

A K M Mafizul Islam, BANGLADESH

Excellent service and satisfied.

Sivapragasam Sivasubramaniam, INDIA

My Expat is a very professional organisation to process MM2H applications and from my experience I would recommend this company to any one as the right people for the job.

Elmutawi Saleh, SAUDI ARABIA



Overall performance found Very Good.

Keith John Ware, SWITZERLAND

I was extremely pleased with the services and advice provided by this company. They were very responsive to all my queries which were dealt with both efficiently and patiently. The whole MM2H process when very smoothly and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to investigate and pursue this option.

Shaukat Ali, PAKISTAN

I thank you for the guidance and assistance during the entire process. With best and Kind regards.

Babu Kuriakose, INDIA

I am Babu Kuriakose. An Indian working in the educational field for many years.Since I want to spent my semi retirement life. I approach your consultancy. Consultation was extremely useful and successfully stamped My MM2H visa.Thanks a lot to Mr.Ismail, The director and his team.

Diane Freeman, AUSTRALIA

We can’t fault the services from MyExpat. The initial contact was very detailed and easy to understand, we were updated every step of the way and our queries were answered promptly. Special thanks to Ismail & Mr Guna who went above and beyond to make sure our visa was completed and our passports were returned late at night so we didn’t have to make another trip! Keep up the good work.

Mohammed Mahfoud Ahmed Mahyoub, YEMEN

I highly recommend using MyExpat. I had an excellent experience with them. They are extra helpful and highly professional.

Gafner Alfred, SWITZERLAND

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Mr. Ismail Mussa of MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd. Ismails professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded our expectations. So I want to thank Ismail for his services, counseling and advice and needless to say that all my concerns or questions were always addressed promptly and with a high degree of knowledge and competence. I will make sure to get back to MyExpat MM2H for my future legal needs and I will certainly recommend to anybody looking for an effective representation on all MM2H issues. Keep up the good work. Alfred & Zeenat Gafner, Switzerland

Guy Hustinx, BELGIUM

The process of obtaining my mm2h visa through MyExpatmm2h was painless the instruction and follow up by Mr. Ismail Moussa were very helpful, I found him vey knowledgeable and prompt to react on any query put his way. I have no hesitation in recommending MyExpat as the best option to facilitate the procedure. Best regards.

Ali Musleh Al Waqedi, YEMEN

I would like to thanks “My Expat MM2H” For their excellent services that offered to me during the process of MM2H.

Jodie Ann Nikolic, AUSTRALIA

Thank you to Ismail at MyExpat. My MM2H visa is now stamped in my passport. I found this company whilst googling online. I chose this company as the website listed all of the requirements and the process quite clearly. I sent an enquiry to the website and the response was very fast and all the information I needed was listed. Once I could gather all the required info and forms I emailed them to Ismail and he checked them and sent them to immigration. Application forms were submitted Nov 16 2015. Conditional approval was granted on Jan 21, 2016! From there it was just a matter of applying for local medical insurance and setting up the Time Deposits of Funds required at the bank. Once that was done I dropped off the documents to Ismail and my passport was taken to immigration THAT SAME DAY and returned to me fully stamped in a few hours. Amazing service!! I am now secure in Malaysia and continue living here and enjoying this amazing country for many years to come. Thanks MyExpat

Vittorio Mazzon, ITALY

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the speedy and excellent service rendered to me by My Expat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd, especially a big thank you to Executive Director, Mr Ismail Mussa who is truly proficient in handling my application hassle-free, efficient and quick. I will continue to consult him for other MM2H services and will definitely recommend My Expat to any one interested in MM2H. Thumbs up to your 100% approval and satisfaction rating and good work!!!

Nart Kasa, SYRIA

Great service for mm2h straight to the point and efficient. Answered all questions And provides details of the process and tracking info Highly recommended.

Neaz Mowla, USA

To Whom it May Concern. I was introduced to Mr. Ismail Mussa of MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd by one of my close relatives. From the day I started communicating with Mr. Ismail, I was quite impressed with his detail knowledge of this program and clarity of his advise regarding the procedures. I just followed his instruction in preparing the supporting documents and all went smoothly. I was more than satisfied with Mr. Ismail’s timely communication and follow-ups throughout the application process and his attention to detail. Mr. Ismail was able get our approval on time and without any issue. All services were provided promptly and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd to my friends or anyone seeking to apply for this MM2H program. I wish MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd continuous success in the future. Sincerely, Neaz Mowla

Breteau Jean Claude, FRANCE

Your company provided timely support at every stage of the application with full data and information including going out of your way to speed up the process. I have no hesitation to recommend your company. Thank you for your very appreciated help.

Mubarak Ali Shah, KENYA

We would like to take this early opportunity to thank your team for the professional way they handled our application which was hassle free and we wish you all success in your business.

Khaza Moinuddin Mohammed, BELGIUM

Mr. Ismail are very friendly and helpful. Service are high efficiency.

Ali Mohsen Rssam Al-Mathy, YEMEN

5 star Keep Up the Good Work!!!

Ahmed Abdulhameed, IRAQ

Thank you for everything.

Ricky Matthews, UK

Happy that Ismail and his team were able to successfully gain acceptance for the MM2H visa. The process (although takes a long time) was well explained and our expectations were well set. A delay caused by the appointment of a new DG for the MM2H program was explained.

Mahmoud Hussein Ibrahim Khalifa, EGYPT

Excellent company run by highly professional people.


It is a very good experience for me. I just searched the Google and found this licensed company. Based on their website they look very professional and the price is reasonable. Based what I experienced their service is fantastic and reliable. I can get the response timely. They even arranged our final MM2H stamped visa without my family’s presence.we were not required to go to immigrant.

Dr Saiful Islam, BANGLADESH

Services we have received from your MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd are excellent. I will strongly recommend my friends and others to use your services for MM2H applications. Well done.

David Kenneth Davies, UK

The service given is excellent and the advice clear and to the point. I have already recommended others to use your service. I am very satisfied with the help given me.

Saurabh Dubey, CANADA

We found out about MyExpat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd and their MM2H visa processing services from the internet. From day one our interactions with Mr. Ismail Mussa have been prompt, precise and courteous. When we started exploring about the MM2H Visa and Malaysia we had many questions and Mr. Mussa was of great assistance in helping us gather all the related information to address our questions and concerns. Our interactions with Mr. Mussa and his office staff was mostly through e mails and on the phone from Toronto, Canada. The office in KL gave us detailed and precise instructions on the various forms that needed to be filled and the supporting documentation required from Canada to process our application and get it ready for submission. Once the application had been submitted in KL Mr. Mussa and his office kept us informed of the progress of our application. We did not have to travel to Malaysia to submit the application and that saved us significant expense and bother. We received our MM2H Visa approval in approximately five months after submission. Other than the wait there were no additional documents requested by the Malaysian Government. Upon receipt of the Visa approval we planned our trip to KL, Malaysia to get the Visa stamped in our passports in August 2017. Once again Mr. Mussa and his staff were of great assistance in the process of getting the Visa stamped on our passports. The whole process took about five business days and our passports with the MM2H Visa stamped therein were delivered to us at our hotel. During our trip to KL we visited the offices of MyExpat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd and were greeted with warmth and courtesy by the staff. They provided us with lots of information about KL and the various tourist spots that we could visit while waiting for the Visas to be stamped in our passports. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of MyExpat (MM2H) Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur) and Mr. Ismail Mussa to anyone considering applying for the MM2H Visa in Malaysia. They made the whole process very smooth and easy for us and made it possible for us to achieve our objective of having a retirement base in beautiful Malaysia.

Hatim ali Ibrahim elatabani, EGYPT

Very keen on customer satisfaction as well as a high level of punctuality and knowledge. I was more than satisfied with the level of service I received.

Marsh Simon Lawrence, NEW ZEALAND

overall I found the service to be very good

Rahman Azeez, SRI LANKA

Mr Ismail has given me the best assistance!!!!! Smooth process and zero hassle.

Mohamed Rimaz Rameez, SRI LANKA

Great friendly service. Very professional & very trustworthy. On time as promised which is something I find not happening with other agents.

Samer Nabil Saleem Jaouni, SYRIA

I trust this company and very fast finish process.I recommend it this company.

Michael Mario Dominic Deere, UNITED KINGDOM

Very satisfied with the MM2H package and service, was advised the process would take 3 months and this was only exceeded by 2 weeks which is very good, as Malaysia is not noted for it’s bureaucratic efficiency. I would personally recommend Ismail and his team to anyone considering using their services.

Mohamad Salim Munir Shaikh, INDIA

A very supportive team due to which I was able to get my MM2H process done in a smooth and efficient way.

Zhang Weiling, CHINA

Thank you MyExpat MM2H for the good work in getting my MM2H for myself, and my parents. The approval process took a long time like about 6 months but after that, it was fast work by My Expat to get the process completed. I do not know English well and the My Expat had Chinese speaking staff whom I can communicate through phone and social media to answer my questions in the process. This was very helpful. Thank you.

Raj Mavath, INDIA

Very professional and efficient

Henk Frans Vanderhorst, USA

I interviewed 3 companies involved in the MM2H application process and decided upon MyExpat. My experience with them was excellent, they communicated well with me and must have done everything right since my application was successful and I received the visa in record time. Their fee is quite reasonable and lower than many of their competitors. A great advantage is the location of their office: a 5 min. walk from the KL Twin Towers, very much in the center of town and close to an area any tourist would visit anyway. Their website and correspondence is very organized and makes it easy for a customer to know exactly what to do and what documents to furnish. If you give your MM2H business to My Expat you will be in good hands.


Thanks for helping me on applying for the MM2H for my whole family & my sibling. The services provided are professional and knowledgeable.

Naeem Umar, PAKISTAN

I selected MyExpat for applying for Mm2h on Google after reading its ad. throughly. Though in the beginning, it was blind trust butwith passage of time it gave me perfect professional approach to my case and guided me in a knowledgeable way to prepare my papers for mm2h. I did not feel any discomfort in my routine work while preparing for mm2h. MyExpat are nice people, delivering good services till stamping of mm2h visit pass on your passport.. I will strongly recommend the future applicants for mm2h to avail the services of MyExpat with 100% success chances.. Thank you My Expat..

Paul Burlinson, AUSTRALIA

Our Passports have now been returned as promised with the new MM2H Visa’s affixed. We would like to record our sincere appreciation to Ismail and staff for all of your professional advice and assistance in guiding us through the processes required to achieve our MM2H Visa’s. You have made the process as simple and as easy as could be and for that we thank you very much. We look forward to a long association with Ismail and MyExpat.


Great service. Trustworthy. Good !!! Many thanks for everything.

Maria Felder/ Arno Gross, SWITZERLAND

Great service. Trustworthy. Good !!! Many thanks for everything.

Muhib Noorani, KENYA

I have already recommended to many of my friends and they are preparing to enroll

Richard Ceri Wilding, UK

Ismail Mussa and the team at MyExpat provided a service of the highest standard in support of my MM2H visa application. Ismail’s expert knowledge of the process, combined with his strong communication skills and eye for detail, greatly simplified the application process, with minimal effort required on my side. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending MyExpat, as a highly professional and reliable company, for MM2H visa processing and associated services.

Mohammed Enamul Huq Chowdhury, BANGLADESH

Keep it up.

Michael Mario Dominic Deere, UK

I would not hesitate in recommending MM2H S/B to handle MM2H applications, I believe them to be market leaders in Malaysia for this service.

Hamid Reza Farzandian, Iran

This professional group with leadership of Mr. Ismail Mussa is top notch in their class and really nice and unbelievably capable of what they say in their website. I am so satisfied with their services and will surely suggest them to my friends wanting to use a superb immigration service to Malaysia and all visitors of their website. Thank you so much dear Ismail and so much thanks to Ruby and Philomina. You guys are amazing.

Mrs A Bowers, UK

We couldn’t have wished for better service from Ismail and his team.We had a few hick ups because our business is in the Middle East. Our application was very complicated, but Ismail, at every problem, dealt with it efficiently and competently and really put our minds at rest. I would recommend Ismail to everyone, especially , people who have complicated cases who live and work in the Middle East. More than 100% satisfied.

Tariq Mahmood Malik, UK

My Expat is an excellent company, I felt very comfortable dealing with them, they are very straight forward and provided me and my family with an excellent and very professional service.They were always very fast in responding to emails and quick in resolving any questions I had.Overall a very professional company whom I would highly recommend to anyone.We have been settled in Malaysia for several months now thanks to MY EXPAT, and are really enjoying our time here, MY EXPAT helped us in every possible way to get us settled in.

Sayed Ahmed Sayed, EGYPT

I strongly recommend Myexpat.

Rask Erkki Antero, FINLAND

We were guided through all the application procedures patiently by MyExpat MM2H. MyExpat MM2H had extremely good knowledge about the specific application approval requirements, and were able to make them clear to us. This was the most valuable thing for us in order to achieve a successful result. We are thankful for their services and we will come back again whenever needed. It is good to know that there are many related services available.

E Riyaz Ahamed, INDIA

Very professional and extremely helpful.

Ratan Mukhopadhyay, INDIA

My Expat team has been very helpful and professional for our application process. They have been very honest and clear about the requirement and benefits of mm2h Visa. They have delivered the visa within estimated time line without any hassle. I strongly recommend.


It’s been a pleasure working with MyExpat. The team is very responsive.

Lloyd Peter Neilson


Overall excellence, thank you for really great service. Extremely satisfied.

Murtaza Aziz


I am very impressed with this company. Excellent services and very professional staff. Make the process very easy for their cients. Highly recommended. 10 stars.

Matthias Krope


We were always very satisfied with the excellent support of Ismail Mussa. The respond time was extremly short with valubale support information to guide us through the entire Visa Process. A well structured process with professional coordination support at all the time. We can only say “Thank You” Mr. Ismail Mussa for all your great help and the patience you had with us. It worked more than 100% well and you win another happy customers. We already recommended your service and agency within our private network and will continue wherever we can.

Ai Ling Tan


We found our dealings with My Expat to be very straightforward and efficient. It was good to have a pathway that is mapped out at the beginning of the journey which managed our expectations. Ismail is extremely easy to deal with and so good that when he was not around you really miss having him sort the issues out! We would be happy to recommend them to any of our friends.

Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Saada


I actually thank “MyExpat MM2H Sdn Bhd” very much for assisting me to get MM2H approval. Very honest, reliable, and trustworthy. You are professional and know exactly your job, the right document and did all the required procedures to get the approval from the first trial. I recommend 100% any one want MM2H to deal with you. Thanks to Mr. Ismail the director and Ms. Ruby.

Mohamed Ahmed Jamsheed


MyExpat is very prompt in responding to our queries with regard to the MM2H programme. Our applications were processed expeditiously in a very professional manner, and we did not face any problems as the whole process went very smoothly. We are pleased with the service we have received from MyExpat and would gladly recommend them to prospective clients.

Hiroo Kishinchand Daswani


Good attention by the staff, very kind to reply any question, I recommend to use their services.

Jacques Le Bourvellec


At the very beginning of the process, I did not know which agent I could choose to assist me in the process. I forwarded some requests for information and I did the right choice. Indeed, I am very satisfied by the services provided which were concluded by the delivery of MM2H visas for my 2 daughters and myself.

Grant Craydon O’Malley, UK


Great service, highly recommended. I will use them again.



They are very professional. Reduces the cost of traveling. I did not have to go anywhere for visa stamping. They help with opening bank account. They agents they word with the banks are extremely knowledgeable. I faced no issue with the overall process. I have asked so many questions over whatsapp. They answered them all. I highly appreciated their service. Will recommend many clients to them.

Testimonial From Mr & Mrs xxx, HONG KONG

Dear Ismail,
To whom it may concern:

My wife and I have been in love with Malaysia and want to retire at KL since ten years ago. In early 2011, we heard about the Malaysia My Second Home program and starting to look for an agent to handle our applications. Apparently there are many agents provide the one-stop service but most are only interested in your money and their rates varied from 5k – 12k MYR, many also have additional add-on fees that they wont tell you at the beginning. Surfing the Internet one day, we discovered MYEXPAT MM2H that I was pleased with their one-stop guarantee-service at a fraction of the cost in comparison with the others.

At first, we were skeptical on the type of services we will get but MYEXPATMM2Hs director, Ismail assures me that it was his goal to help us to succeed or the fee will be refunded. Once the contract was signed, Ismail started to guide us thru the process, providing clear documentations and forms required. Despite the complexities, we were quite clear in collecting and completing all the details information from CV to passport, etc. In the process, many questions were raised but Ismail answered them one after the other professionally and tirelessly with little time loss. Since we live in Hong Kong, all these queries were done thru emails back-and-forth with incredible turn-around, no more than a few hours including some done in the weekends. There were quite a few glitches including incorrect information was submitted but Ismail help us to sort-out and complete our applications successfully.

Once the applications were submitted and accepted by MM2H, Ismail continually keeps me posted by checking with the MM2H people on a regular basis. Every other day, he will email me to update on the progress. Less than 6 weeks since we started the process then came the good news that our applications have been approved. We travelled to KL the week after Christmas with only a week to complete the MM2H process. Once we checked into the hotel, we call Ismail and he immediately picked us up the next day to complete our health check by driving us to the clinics, almost 30 minutes away. Then finally he and his partner met us at the immigration office at World Trade building to complete the MM2H visa on our last day of visit.

It is MYEXPATMM2Hs dedicated customer services that I am impressed with. Ismail, you and your partner have delighted us. We are totally satisfied with MM2Hs services and I would recommend MYEXPATMM2H to anyone who wants to join the MM2H program fast.

Testimonial From Dr & Mrs Omar, SOUTH AFRICA

Dear ismail,

A very big thank you from myself and family. It often happens that when a person hires a company that is the cheapest in the market, one expects a lower standard of service. However you have proven that theory absolutely wrong. You are the cheapest, your service is good and the after service great.

If i were your competitor i would be really worried. You provide a 5 star service at a 1 star rate. From a to z you were available, helpful and courteous. Thank you, and good luck with your mm2h business. From my heart I sincerely wish you well.

Testimonial from Professor & Mrs xxx, CANADA

It was a pleasure to be represented by MYEXPATMM2H. They are knowledgeable, courteous and quick. Although our case was complicated they resolved the issues and to our benefit. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs xxx, IRAN

Ismail you have continued to show your brilliance in handling the MM2H applications with thorough commitment and service. Your European style professionalism has shone through yet with great humbleness from your actions. MyExpat MM2H has a winning team to take you to the top of your industry. Well done & thank you so much.

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs xxx, AUSTRALIA

What can i say… we are very grateful for your excellent services provided to us even though it took us a while and you were very patient in handling our case, your honesty & integrity won us in the end against all other agents. You are truly an agent who has given more than we expected as you are amongst the cheapest in the market. Others are right, top service at low rates!

Brilliant & good luck for the future. We will definitely keep in touch when we need other services as we will do. Thank you Ismail.

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs Jennevin, FRANCE

I would like to thank you for your professionalism to obtain for me and my family mm2h visas. I started the process alone and it was not a trivial matter. After contacting you, you help us to obtain the necessary documentation with a lot of first-class and proficient advices. The documents were lodged timely and got the approval in the mentioned time span. Once we arrived in Malaysia the final formalities were swiftly completed and we are now happily residing in Kuala Lumpur.
The only sore point in the whole process is that I should have contacted you earlier.

Once again thank you very much for your support. And dont hesitate to pass my new email as necessary.


estimonial from Mr & Mrs Horst, NETHERLANDS

As Dutch citizen working as Shell expat in Russia where I have recently been married we were looking for possibilities as alternative country to live in future. We have visited several countries in Europe as well as in Asia and after comparing we have chosen Malaysia for several obvious reasons. One of these reasons was the fact that next to the tropical climate the MM2H program certainly offers several attractive benefits when you are planning to retire or want to use this country as alternative location for temporary stays. Especially the fact that your foreign retirement income is tax free offers the possibility to fully enjoy the nice features Malaysia offers.

After a visit to Thailand this year June we decided to start our application for the MM2H program. We were lucky to get the address via one of my colleagues since it appears not easy to choose for a reliable recognized representative of the Malaysian Immigration Authorities and so we immediately contacted MyExpat MM2H and so we got in contact with Mr. Ismail Mussa who immediately assisted to put us on the right track. Initially after receiving the list of required documents and reading the conditions we were a bit suspicious if all was in good order but after receiving convincing evidence I started to fill in all required documents. One of the difficulties we faced was the fact that I was not living in my home country, The Netherlands but in Russia and because all submitted documents need to be officially translated and legalized it took us more time to get all done like a Letter of Good Conduct e.g. and bank statements. Regular e-mail correspondence with Ismail solved any issue quite smoothly. After carefully having submitted all required documents we have received already the Conditional Approval Letter from Malaysian Immigration on the 30th September which was within 3 months which is certainly not bad taking into account that many official authorities abroad were involved !

The first of November we travelled to Kuala Lumpur and immediately opened a bank account. Since the HSBC bank and a good colleague living in KL were very cooperative we managed within 2 days our deposit which was transferred from my account abroad to my new HSBC account and received the official statement for the MM2H Immigration service. Together with Ismail we collected our Visas on the 4th Nov. and became the proud owners of the long term Visa as new Dutch MM2H participants. Thanks to all who cooperated!

Testimonial from Mr Mizanur & Mrs Olga Rahman, AUSTRALIA

Our Thanks to MyExpat MM2H.

Risking money is not my cup of tea. So, when I decided to apply for MM2H program, I did extensive research as to find a reliable agent. There are lots of agents in Malaysia and some of them I talked to are very expensive. In fact, due to high agent fees my interest for MM2H program was diffusing. After a Google search, I found the MyExpat MM2H Company which offers MM2H program service for lower fees. For their low fees, I had some doubts, so I wrote to the Malaysian embassy here in Australia as to clarify if they can verify the MyExpat MM2H is a registered agent and if they have any complains about the MyExpat MM2H conduct. An officer from the embassy advised me that to his knowledge the MyExpat MM2H dont have any complains about their conduct and suggested me to look at all the registered agents in the website It was good enough information for me to submit my application for the MM2H program.

After my first conversation with Mr Ismail Mussa from the MyExpat MM2H Company, I started to like the content of our conversation and his skills on this matter. It was an open business conversation with no strings attached. I felt satisfied at the same time hesitated to risk my money as there are lots of frauds talk nicely. At the end after discussing with my wife and evaluating all our findings, we agreed to go ahead with this company.

When I submitted my documents, including financial statements, I often rang or wrote various enquiries to Mr Mussa. Every single time he responded to me professionally. He kept me up to date about the application progress. Once he was on holidays in overseas, he wrote briefly that he could not access my file and will respond to me as soon as he returns to KL, and he did. The trust between us grew as we progressed through each stage of the processing. When our application was approved and we arrived from Australia to KL, he gave us excellent service in relation to all subsequent steps for getting the MM2H visa. It was all done without any hiccup. It was Mr Mussas work who performed his duty honestly.

We wish our very best to the MyExpat MM2H Company. Our special thanks to Mr Mussa for his hard work, pleasant personality and wonderful service. We would gladly recommend his service as he is honest, skillful, and competitive, and delivers what he promises.

Testimonial from Mr Peter & Sue Davies, UK

We have recently been approved for our MM2H visa application, having used the services of MyExpatMM2H for the application. We have been very pleased with the service we received. Ismail was infinitely patient and guided us through the entire process carefully and professionally. He always answered our queries promptly and gave up an entire Sunday afternoon to meet us and talk us through the process even before we became clients. We wholeheartedly recommend MyExpatMM2H to anyone thinking of applying for this visa from abroad.

Testimonial from Mr Husseinguli Salimi, IRAN

It is with the greatest pleasure, and the most profound gratitude, that I acknowledge the vital importance of the services Mr. Ismail Mussa Senior MM2H Consultant MyExpat(MM2H) Sdn Bhd extended to us in helping us acquire the privilege of being admitted into MM2H program. It is simply impossible to exaggerate the efficiency of the services provided by the company MyExpat(MM2H) Sdn Bhd, headed by the young, energetic, tireless, competent Mr. Ismail Mussa, who went out of his way to help me in ways which one cannot expect even from lifelong friends. I guess, I will never help cherishing the memory of Mr. Ismail Mussa’s patience and willingness to help me to my best advantage. And I feel secure, when I remember that I have a friend like Mr. Ismail Mussa, in a part of the world, all new to me and my family. My family and I, extremely satisfied with Mr. Ismail Mussa’s handling of our application to the MM2H program, will gladly, and emphatically recommend our friends and acquaintances, to entrust their application for the MM2H Program to the reliable hands of Mr. Ismail Mussa’s MyExpat(MM2H) Sdn Bhd Company. Husseinguli Salimi.

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