S-MM2H Fees

*Our S-MM2H Fees


SINGLE RM 11,000
COUPLE RM 12,500
*FAMILY RM15,000*


* Limited to two (2) children with no extra fees otherwise RM500 extra per person



  • All documents above must be in English (otherwise certified translations must be provided) & sent to us as hard copies.
  • All copy documents must be certified as true copies, we can certify true copies as required. For bank statements.
  • The bank can certify bank statements with their original bank stamp.
  • If any original documents are sent then no certification is required.

Notes on additional fees:

  • insurance purchase (RM1500-3000 per person but will depend on type of plan)
  • security bond payment (RM750-2000 depending on country of origin)
  • CTC of documents (about RM150-200)
  • Visa fee (RM500 pp per year)

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