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  • 8 nabbed over Hari Raya gambling ad
    POLICE have arrested eight people, including three women, involved in a controversial Hari Raya gambling commercial. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the eight suspects were actors, agents, a videographer and a producer/director. Read more »
  • Fully vaccinated healthcare workers contract Covid
    FORTY healthcare workers who were fully vaccinated have contracted Covid-19, said Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, stressing on the importance of keeping one’s guard up against the virus. The director-general of health said the 40 were infected after they had received the full course of the vaccine. Read more »
  • Malaysia Airlines extends rebooking dates
    MALAYSIA Airlines extending its ticket rebooking dates, following the extension of rhe movement control order (MCO) In a statement, the national carrier said it is offering eligible passengers longer ticket validity with a one-time fare difference and service fee waiver due to domestic travel restrictions as a result of the… Read more »
  • Rwanda priest arrested in France for alleged role in genocide
    A RWANDAN priest was arrested in France this week on charges of providing, among other things, food to militiamen who massacred members of the Tutsi minority in his church during the 1994 genocide in the African country, authorities said yesterday. Marcel Hitayezu, who was born in 1956, was charged on… Read more »
  • US asks Brazil for ‘immediate’ action on Amazon
    THE United States yesterday welcomed Brazil’s renewed promise to end illegal deforestation but urged immediate action to protect the Amazon, a major factor in global climate change. Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, a longtime scourge of environmentalists, in a letter to President Joe Biden ahead of next week’s US-led climate summit… Read more »
  • Nasa chooses SpaceX to take humans back to Moon
    NASA has selected SpaceX to land the first astronauts on the surface of the Moon since 1972, the agency said yesterday, in a huge victory for Elon Musk’s company. The contract, worth US$2.9 billion (RM12 billion), involves the prototype Starship spacecraft that is being tested at SpaceX’s south Texas facility. Read more »
  • Fish still favoured despite high prices
    ONCE the poor man’s fish, low stock and high demand have pushed the price of ikan kembung (Indian mackerel) up, but it is still a favourite among customers, said wet market traders. The price of fresh kembung is now hovering between RM20 and RM22 kilogramme. At the Chow Kit wet… Read more »
  • Food and monetary aid key to keeping refugee children in school
    GROUPS running refugee schools have turned to sponsorship programmes and providing food aid to the students’ families to ensure the children do not drop out. Making sure that they are able continue their studies begins with ensuring that they don’t have to stop lessons to work, in order to help… Read more »
  • Lack of foreign workers keeps fishermen from sea, seafood prices up
    A DEARTH of foreign labourers to work on fishing boats has led to a dwindling supply of locally caught seafood, which has subsequently pushed prices up, said the Kuala Lumpur Hoi Seong Fish Wholesaler Association. Association chairman Sing Kian Hock urged Putrajaya to allow foreign workers back into the country so… Read more »
  • US announces RM7 billion spending to fight virus variants
    THE administration of President Joe Biden on Friday announced it would spend US$1.7 billion (RM7 billion) to improve its ability to sequence the coronavirus for genetic changes, as new and potentially dangerous variants are poised to dominate the pandemic. The funding comes from a US$1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package passed… Read more »
  • Sinovac 80% effective at preventing Covid-19 deaths
    CHINA’s CoronaVac vaccine, also known as Sinovac, was 67% effective at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 and 80% at preventing death, according to real-life results unveiled today from Chile’s inoculation campaign. “These figures should convey peace of mind to the country,” Health Minister Enrique Paris told journalists as he announced the outcome of… Read more »
  • Pakistan orders social media shutdown after violent anti-France protests
    THE Pakistan government imposed an hours-long shutdown of social media and instant messaging platforms today, after days of violent anti-France protests. The move came after French nationals and companies in Pakistan were advised by their embassy to temporarily leave the country, in the wake of rallies led by an extremist… Read more »
  • Iran says production of 60% purity uranium ‘underway’
    IRAN said today it has begun producing uranium at 60% purity, in another breach of its commitments to the international community, which is concerned about its nuclear programme. The Islamic republic had declared it would sharply ramp up its enrichment of uranium on Tuesday, two days after an attack on… Read more »
  • Malaysian Bar files legal action on emergency powers and ordinances
    THE Malaysian Bar has filed a suit at the High Court to challenge the emergency ordinances that have been passed since a state of emergency was declared on January 11. Bar Council president AG Kalidas said the decision to pursue legal action was made at the Malaysian Bar Annual General… Read more »
  • Nigerian student claims trial in RM140,000 cheating case
    A NIGERIAN man was charged in the Magistrate’s Court in Kuala Kubu Baru, today on 24 counts of cheating a headmistress out of RM141,262, in connection with the accused’s father’s non-existent inheritance worth RM2.4 million. Nwaokorie Chikezi Patric, 41, a diploma in tourism student at a private college pleaded not… Read more »
  • Taiwan charges lorry driver with negligent homicide over rail crash
    TAIWAN prosecutors charged a lorry driver with negligent homicide today over his role in the island’s worst rail disaster in decades, which left 49 dead and more than 200 injured. The April 2 crash was caused by a railway maintenance lorry that slid down an embankment moments before a packed… Read more »
  • France says ‘highly probable’ EU won't renew AstraZeneca orders
    THE European Union is very unlikely to renew its Covid-19 vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, a French minister said today. Denmark this week banned the use of AstraZeneca jabs over blood clot concerns, just as the EU said it was expecting 50 million Pfizer vaccine doses earlier than expected. Read more »
  • Sarawak police officer, school principal get hefty fines for breaking SOP
    THE officer-in-charge of a police station (OCS) and a school principal in Miri were slapped with hefty compounds “as a lesson to the others” after violating Sarawak’s strict standard operating procedure on Covid-19 prevention, said state disaster management committee chairman,Douglas Uggah. The deputy chief minister said the police officer was… Read more »
  • Cop’s death not due to vaccine, say police
    POLICE denied allegations that a cop in Kajang had died after receiving her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine shot. Kajang district police chief Mohd Zaid Hassan said the police are still waiting for the investigation report and the post-mortem results from the Kajang Hospital Forensic Department. Read more »
  • Cops arrest Indonesian hackers over RM247 million virus aid scam
    TWO Indonesian hackers have been arrested over an international scam in which US$60 million (RM247.6 million) was stolen from a Covid-19 aid programme helping Americans left jobless by the pandemic, authorities said. Text messages were sent to 20 million Americans directing them to more than a dozen fake United States… Read more »
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  • Pelantikan YB Datuk Guandee Kohoi Sebagai Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan, Seni Dan Budaya
    16 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada YB Datuk Guandee Kohoi atas pelantikan sebagai Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya yang baharu berkuatkuasa mulai hari ini.YB Datuk Guandee Kohoi yang berasal dari Sabah sebelum ini pernah berkhidmat sebagai Setiausaha Sulit Kanan… Read more »
  • Dana Geran Sokongan Pelancongan, Seni & Budaya (GSPSB) Bantu Penganjuran Program Pelancongan, Seni & Budaya
    9 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) melalui Tourism Malaysia akan meneruskan pemberian Geran Sokongan Pelancongan, Seni & Budaya (GSPSB) yang tertangguh pada tahun lalu sebagai langkah pemulihan industri yang terjejas dengan penularan pandemik Covid-19.Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya, YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri berkata,… Read more »
  • Kempen CCM 'Jom Dive!' Tawar Diskaun Istimewa Pakej Selam Skuba
    12 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya (MOTAC) menerusi Tourism Malaysia melancarkan Kempen Cuti-Cuti Malaysia (CCM) ‘Jom Dive!' dengan kerjasama Persatuan Penyelam Skuba Malaysia bagi menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia mengunjungi pulau-pulau di negara ini serta menikmati kepelbagaian khazanah marin.Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya, Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy binti Shukri… Read more »
  • Dana Galakan Melancong (GAMELAN) Diteruskan Dengan Penambahbaikan Norma Baharu
    12 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) melalui Tourism Malaysia akan meneruskan pemberian Dana Galakan Melancong Malaysia (GAMELAN) untuk kempen promosi dan pemasaran sektor pelancongan dalam dan luar negara bagi meningkatkan jumlah ketibaan pelancong ke Malaysia sekaligus merancakkan kembali sektor pelancongan domestik.Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya… Read more »
  • Usaha-Usaha Kerajaan Dalam Pembangunan Norma Baharu Pelaksanaan Ibadah Umrah
    9 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) menyambut baik semua inisiatif dan persetujuan yang telah dipersetujui antara Kerajaan Malaysia dan Kerajaan Arab Saudi khususnya dalam aspek pelaksanaan ibadah umrah oleh umat Islam Malaysia susulan lawatan rasmi YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke Arab Saudi pada 6 hingga… Read more »
  • Lawatan Kerja Rasmi YB Menteri MOTAC Ke Terengganu: Tarikan Produk Baharu Perkukuh Industri Pelancongan, Seni Dan Budaya Di Terengganu
    8 April 2021 - Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC), YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri mengadakan lawatan kerja tiga hari ke Terengganu, bermula hari ini.Pada sesi lawatan kali ini, beliau mengadakan kunjungan hormat kepada YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Samsuri Bin Mokhtar, Menteri Besar Terengganu di Kediaman Menteri… Read more »
  • MOTAC Bersama Penggiat Industri Rangka Strategi Aktifkan Kembali Sektor Kebudayaan
    7 April 2021 - Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya, Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri melihat pentingnya keperluan untuk memulihkan semula (restore) Badan Bukan Kerajaan (BBK) kebudayaan bagi membolehkan sektor seni, budaya dan warisan bergerak aktif walaupun dalam situasi serba mencabar masa ini.Dalam usaha mencapai matlamat untuk menyemarakkan aktiviti seni dan… Read more »
  • Jabatan Warisan Negara Popularkan Kembali Menu Warisan Dan Hampir Pupus Negara
    6 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) melalui Jabatan Warisan Negara (JWN) melancarkan Menu Warisan Dan Hampir Pupus Negara, bertempat di Restoran Open House, Suria KLCC. Majlis ini telah disempurnakan oleh YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia yang turut dihadiri… Read more »
  • Dasar Permuziuman Negara Dan Kempen Kembali Ke Muzium
    6 April 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) menerusi Jabatan Muzium Malaysia (JMM) telah melakar satu lagi sejarah baharu dalam memartabatkan institusi permuziuman negara menerusi pelancaran Dasar Permuziuman Negara. Majlis ini telah disempurnakan oleh YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia yang turut… Read more »
  • Program Istana Budaya 2021 Norma Baharu Rancakkan Kembali Industri Seni Dan Budaya
    31 Mac 2021 - Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) melalui Istana Budaya (IB) mengadakan Majlis Pelancaran Program Istana Budaya 2021 Norma Baharu, bertempat di Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya. Majlis ini telah disempurnakan oleh YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Menteri Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia yang turut dihadiri… Read more »
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