S-MM2H Application

S-MM2H Visa Permit – How To Apply

Step 1. Prepare full set of documents for submission & email for verification (will assist you in the sample formats etc)
  • Cover Letter from the main applicant
  • Resume/ CV of the main applicant
  • 8 Colored Passport Size Photographs for each person
  • Certified copy of all passport (all pages)
  • Latest 6 months bank statements showing income deposits (certified or original)
  • Latest 6 months pay slips, company letter, pension slip or other income statements (certified or original)
  • Latest original Criminal Clearance Certificate – Police Certificate from country of citizenship (for main applicant & spouse).
  • Get medical report :
  • Medical check-up report RBII form.
  • Full blood test including HIV, Hepatitis A-E, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Level, Kidney and Liver Function. Urine test.
  • Chest and Lung X-ray for Tuberculosis.
  • All test results must be certified by the commissioner for oaths.
Step 2. Submit Application & wait for approval – around 6 months.
Step 3. Travel to Sarawak to get MM2H visa stamped in passport

Get Health insurance if applicable and aged below 60

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