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S-MM2H Requirements



Financial Requirements for main applicant above 30 years of age or above, choose one category only :

Before Submission (income requirements at submission are only for application purposes & NOT required for the future) :

Show a minimum RM10,000 (couple) or RM7,000 (single) equivalent of combined average monthly income in the last 6 months (salary, pension, dividends, rental, interest etc).
No Fixed Deposit requirement

Before Submission (a bank account will be opened in person when in Sarawak) :

place RM300,000 (couple) or RM150,000 (single) fixed deposit in a bank in Malaysia, you can withdraw 40% after 1 year (T&C apply).
No income requirement


Additional requirements for aged below 50:

For aged 40-49 years old – Either investment in property (RM600,000 in Kuching, RM500,000 in other areas) OR have children enrolled in an educational institution in Sarawak.
For aged 30-39 years old – Must have children enrolled in an educational institution in Sarawak.

Important points to consider:

  • If outside MALAYSIA then you can only apply under income only category
  • Ten (10) Years Renewable.
  • Minimum 15 days stay per year in SARAWAK by main applicant spouse but can stay anywhere in MALAYSIA
  • Approval may take between 3-4 Months
  • Medical Insurance done before submission if in SARAWAK
  • VISA fee at RM90 per person year
  • No Government processing fees

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