MM2H Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If an applicant is an Australian & also a Pakistani citizen but working in Singapore for more then 20 years. Can he apply the Police report in Singapore?

A. Yes, he can apply from Singapore.

Q. I’m Malaysian before and now holding a German citizenship, would that be a problem in applying the mm2h?

A. No problem, you can still apply MM2H with German passport.

Q. The client is 48 and the client's wife is 50. Can the client's wife be the lead applicant (thereby reducing the financial requirements) and if so, would it make any difference in terms of the chances of success of the application?

A. No different, both the same.

Q. Before applying for the MM2H visa, the client will visit Malaysia. The client's husband is a British passport holder and the client is Tanzania passport holder. Do they need to require a visa to visit Malaysia as a tourist?

A. Not required, they can come in as normal tourist.

Q. Pre-existing health issues that are now treated (Heart issues) affect the application for MM2H?

A. No its not an issue, these tests will never be done at any time before or after application and being healthy is not a requirement except for contagious and infectious diseases.

Q. Can I withdraw my fixed deposit any time during my stay in Malaysia?

A. Participants are not allowed to withdraw the fixed deposit for the whole duration of the one year period, unless for emergency cases and with prior approval from the Ministry of Tourism.

Q. Can I place the fixed deposit in a Malaysian bank located in my country?

A. No. The fixed deposit account must be opened in any Malaysian bank or financial institution located in Malaysia.

Q. Can the purchase of a house in Malaysia which is valued more than RM1,000,000 be considered as having fulfilled the financial criteria for this programme?

A. No. Participants are required to fulfill the fixed deposit requirement or monthly off-shore income for those age 50 years and above as the purchase of a house is not compulsory for participants under this programme./p>

Q. Am I allowed to withdraw my fixed deposit for a few months and then topped it back later?

A. No. Participants are not allowed to do this, unless for an emergency purpose and with prior approval from the Ministry of Tourism.

Q. When can I withdraw my fixed deposit?

A. After a period of one year, the participant may withdraw his/her fixed deposit for approved expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes OR when he/she decides to terminate his/her stay in Malaysia by first informing the Ministry of Tourism of his/her intention at Malaysia My Second Home Centre. Participants can apply to withdraw part of their fixed deposit for emergency cases such as medical purposes, etc. with prior approval of the Ministry of Tourism.

Q. Did I need to come to Malaysia to do the stamping or other process?

A. Yes, you need to come only for visa stamping after approval. If you dont come to KL then you can simply courier passports, transfer the visa fee and others fee to us whilst in another place in Malaysia.

Q. Why can’t I apply for e-visa?

A. E-visa will not be acceptable by mm2h immigration for when you come for your 1st mm2h visa stamping.

Q. For the MM2H approval letter which was issued 2014. The term 2.2 did indicate that child's visa can only be issued until 21 years old. Can the child request for an extension? (now is over 21)

A. No you cannot extend, after 21 child cannot be under the same application with parents he must apply on his/her own or they can have parents as dependents but then they need to fulfil their own requirements.

Q. For cancellation of ex-wife mm2h visa, immigration needs ex-wife original passport to cancel right? Does ex-wife need to enter the country and have an entry record? Or just can courier over for cancellation will do?

A. Ex-wife not required to be in Malaysia but an application needs to be made to mm2h to cancel her visa.

Q. If the client passport expired & overstayed, what will happen when exit back to the home country? Will it affect his /her renewal of MM2H on his/her new passport?

A. They have to clear and pay the fine for overstaying and extend the MM2H visa on the new passport.

Q. If the client got the conditional approval letter in October 2019. He supposes to do endorsement of Visa, unfortunately, he got a heart attack and stroke, now hospitalized in Singapore. Can he still able to do the endorsement after discharge from the hospital? Or can he ask for extensions?

A. Yes, we have to extend his approval letter issue date, and inform the current client health condition to MM2H, advise the client to get the letter from the doctor to inform the situation to MM2H.

Q. If the client got the conditional approval letter in October 2019. He supposes to do endorsement of Visa, unfortunately, he got a heart attack and stroke, now hospitalized in Singapore. Can he still able to do the endorsement after discharge from the hospital? Or can he ask for extensions?

A. No, There is no minimum number of days to stay in Malaysia upon getting the visa, stay as long as you wish & leave Malaysia anytime as you please.

Q. Does the client have to be married? Now the client lives in the Netherlands and has a "registered partnership".

A. As long as you can provide a legal document to prove your partnership should be fine.

Q. Can the client ship our personal belongings duty-free?

A. Yes you can ship your items and you don’t have to pay the duty.

Q. For an MM2H visa holder, Could the client receive any directors' fees as both an investor and directors?

A. Yes, you can receive directors’ fees.

Q. Can a Malaysian spouse apply for MM2H visa after the expiry of his existing spouse visa or rather not to renew his spouse visa upon expiring?

A. Client can still apply mm2h visa and renew the spouse visa once is expired, but once you got the approval letter has to terminate the spouse visa in able to get an MM2H visa stamped on your passport.

Q. The client works online in the UK so would that be a problem for the client?

A. No Problem ,you can still work remotely under mm2h visa if you work from home as a freelancer.

Q. Can the client sell the property? what capital gains taxation and other taxation that would apply?

A. Yes you can sell property, the capital tax gain for property depending on how many years you have owned the house.

Q. The client is concerned about his children's future here, what they will do after completing their studies if the MM2H program will not allow us to get PR. Is there any way for foreigners to get PR in Malaysia.

A. Unfortunately, having an MM2H visa does not entitle applicants or dependents to get Permanent Residency and it cannot be converted to PR status. The MM2H visa is a 10-year visa which gives the flexibility for applicant and dependents to come in and out of Malaysia as many times as they like without any restrictions.

Q. The client is 49 years old now and will be 50 in January next year if The application is lodged when he is 49 but approved when he is 50 what rules will apply to me?

A. The rules will be followed as 50 years and below as at time of submission and not approval.

Q. Is there a required minimum amount to start a business under the MM2H?

A. No there is no general minimum requirement but may require under certain business licenses.

Q. would there be any tax concessions on operating a business such as a restaurant or chain of restaurants ? Also would there be any restrictions on running the same ?

A. Normal tax as any local private company. Restrictions based on business for foreigners but can get license if local added but this is for businesses dealing in control item and/or dealing with government etc.

Q. If the client uses the MM2H program, how long do we have to actually be in Malaysia? (we intend to travel the world for several years, without being longer than 3 months in one particular country).

A. No, There is no minimum number of days to stay in Malaysia upon getting the visa, stay as long as you wish & leave Malaysia anytime as you please.


Q. Client house which they own is worth over £300,000 at current value, however, the client does not have liquid assets of the amount required, so probably the client will qualify or not?

A. Not qualify, the property is not acceptable as a liquid asset, must be liquid assets such as a savings accounts, fixed deposit or investment funds, etc.

Q. Can the client rent a little apartment? Since the client doesn't plan to stay many months at a time, it can be very small and simple. What would the monthly cost (rent and other expenses) be?

A. Yes, you can rent a small apartment. The cost will depend on your choice of area because prices varies among areas. But typical between 1800 – 2500 rm monthly.

Q. If the client purchases a Melaka property in which the value is only RM500K, can he use this property to withdraw FD(RM300K)? please advise?

A. Yes, MM2H participants are allowed to withdraw partial of the required Fixed Deposit from the second year onwards (RM150,000 for aged 50 years and below) for approved expenses related to house purchase. They have to maintain the balanced RM150,000 (for aged 50 years and below) of Fixed Deposit until they terminate from MM2H Programmed.

Q. What’s the average cost in health insurance for a couple (the main applicant is 53 and spouse is under 45)?

A. Getting insurance only comes after your application has been approved however you required insurance after approval will be roughly age 53 (RM1409) per year/ age 45 (RM812) per year.

Q. My Hongkong friend is interested to apply mm2h.He is asking he can buy any properties in Malaysia? any location? any restriction to new or old properties?

A. Buying property Is not requirement for MM2H, any foreigner may purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia, subject to the minimum price established for foreigners by the different states. They start from RM1,000,000 per unit for most states, from 1st Mac 2014. Land is a state matter and it is important to check state laws before making any commitment, as the minimum purchase price is not standardized between states.
We advise buying homes which are already issued with certificates of fitness but if you intend to purchase from developers, ensure that it is from a reputable company.

Q. Can I use my interest from the bond as proof of income?

A. Yes you can, please get a letter from the bank to confirm the latest 3 months interest that have been credited into your bank account as proof.

Q. Can the applicant 60 years old combine her/his rental income with investment to prove her/his 10k monthly income?

A. Yes, you can as long as you show latest 3 months.

Q. After approval, I have to put RM 300,000 in a new account in Malaysia under my name right?

A. Yes, Fixed deposit only required to place after approval.

Q. My last 3 months salary statement should be above RM10,000 per month, right?

A. Yes latest 3 months.

Q. RM500,000 liquid funds needed to show in my Foreign account, right?

A. Yes, any bank account is fine as long as under main applicant name or combine husband and wife name.

Q. Is there any limit to withdraw my FD?

A. For above 50, After one year of placement RM150,000 FD , You can withdraw up to 50K for approved expenses relating to house purchase, car purchase and medical purposes remain 100k until terminating the MM2H visa.
For below 50, After one year of placement RM300,000 FD , You can withdraw up to 150K for approved expenses relating to house purchase, car purchase and medical purposes remain 100k until terminating the MM2H visa. Yes, you are allowed to take it back to your origin country .

Q. Can I open a restaurant, book shop or clinic in Malaysia under this programme?


Yes. Participants under this programme are allowed to have their own businesses as a Director/Sharehiolder of the company, terms apply. 

They are also allowed to invest in local companies as an inactive partner. They are allowed to run a company in an executive position as one of the company directors. Participants can participate in the local share market.

For more information on investing in Malaysia, please contact:

Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
Level 4, Plaza Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 � 2267 3633
Fax: 603 � 2274 7970
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mida.gov.my


Q. If you have the 300k capital but don't earn 10k per month can you still apply for mm2h?

A. The most important requirements for MM2H are both the funds and a monthly income that is equivalent to RM10,000 and the source of income must be from outside Malaysia that can be salary, rental, pension, dividends, profit, interest etc.

Q. The client has an enterprise where the only owner for the administration of his own assets: can the client compose the amount in individual accounts and the company to prove the liquid balance amount that has?

A. Yes they can and provide proof of 100% ownership.

Employment & Education

Q. Can China MM2H holder bring Indian maid come to Malaysia under the MM2H program? And then the maid is 56 years old this year? She is really good and working for him for more than 10 years.

A. China MM2H holder only allowed to bring one maid from own country OR an apporoved country such as India but not any other country, she must be not less than 21 years old and not more than 45 years old.

Q. Can I know any differences between government and private hospitals for mm2h holder & pure foreigner? Can mm2h holders enjoy the local Malaysian rate at gov hospital?

A. As a general rule in Malaysia you are advised to go to private hospitals as the government hospitals do not always have the same quality and facilities. The cost of seeing a doctor is very reasonable and it is relatively easy to see a specialist and unlike some countries you do not require a referral from a General Practioner (GP) before you can get access to them. Charges for a consultation usually run around RM30 – RM80 for a GP and RM80 – RM150 for a specialist.

Q. If I’m in the midst of applying for a working permit, I got the VDR but haven't done body checkup and also haven’t got the employment pass on the passport yet. But now I want to apply mm2h, what is the process. Please advise?

A. You can still apply for MM2H but once you got the approval letter you have to terminate the employment pass to be able you to get an MM2H visa stamped on your passport.

Q. Some agents say no need but officers say need. renewal 10 years did we need latest 3 months bank statement and payslip?

A. Not Required.

Q. For the FD cert 10 years ago, the bank side needs to provide the updated version? Or use the old FD and the new lien letter will do?

A. You can use the old certificate copy but have to get the new updated lien letter.

Q. For 10 years renewal, do the clients need to ask banker to provide bank statement showing the FD is still there?

A. Not Required, but the bank must provide a Bank Lien letter as confirmation of FD.

Q. If the client MM2H visa already expired 6 months ago and he did not renew it, can he withdraw his FD from bank after his MM2H visa expired? Or is it fine for him to renew now?

A. Yes, they can but must proceed with the MM2H termination and withdraw FD accordingly.

Q. When I pass the 10 years living in Malaysia, is it possible to get the Malay passport (citizenship) aside from my German passport?

A. No, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

Q. Does Malaysian health insurance cover medication cost?

A. It depends on which insurance plan you choose.

Q. I apply my MM2H with agents, is there fine if I’m doing other processes by myself?

A. Yes, you can if you wish but going through an agent will mean you never have to visit a government office and no payment of security bonds etc. Obviously other benefits too including guaranteed approval through us otherwise full refund.

Q. My MM2H visa was expired for more than 10 years, is that fine if I do the renewal now? What is the process?

A. No you cannot, you have to reapply again as a new MM2H application.

Q. I cancelled my son's MM2H visa to apply for a student visa. After his graduate can he got his MM2H visa back under my name?

A. You can apply MM2H visa if your son is below 21 but if your son is above 21 he/she cannot be under the same application he must apply on his own or son can have parents as dependents but then they need to fulfil their own requirements. Or they can apply at university and get student visa after 21 above.

Q. I’m the main applicant. Can my parents in law join MM2H under my name?

A. No, you can only add your parents only after you get MM2H visa stamped on your passport.

Q. My husband is an MM2H holder, we just got married but we don’t have a marriage certificate. Can I do the add-on process under his name without a marriage certificate? If I cannot what can I do?

A. Yes, you can apply as long as a legal document is provided such as an affidavit.

Q. I am a qualified doctor in US. How can I get to work in a Malaysia hospital or a private hospital?

A. Under Malaysia My Second Home Programme, participants are NOT allowed to work. However, you can apply to the Human Resources Ministry seeking special approval for you to work in Malaysia because of your special expertise.

If you are successful, you will be issued a work permit or Employment Pass. You may join Malaysia: My Second Home Programme at the end of your work permit if you decide to continue your stay in Malaysia.

Q. Do kindergarten level child need a Student Visa to attend kindergarten here?

A. Children below the school going age (that is 7 years old) are not required to apply for a Student Visa. They need only apply for a Social Visit Visa.

Q. If my children are already married and want to study in Malaysia with their husband, do they need to pay the fixed deposit?

A. Not necessary. They can apply for a Student Visa once they have obtained places of study in Malaysia.

House Purchase

Q. I and my wife can work on this MM2H visa in Malaysia?

A. No, you are not allowed to work as an employee of a Malaysian company but once you get MM2h visa stamp on your passport, you can own your own business.

Q. Are the participants entitled to any special entitlements?

A. All participants are allowed to purchase residential properties at more than RM 1,000,000 each.

Q. Can I purchase a house for residential purpose and a shop lot to be rented out?

A. No, you are only allowed to purchase residential properties except for companies.

Q. Do I have to pay the yearly assessment and quit rent for my houses like the local?

A. Yes.

Q. In the event of unforeseen death is the participant able to hand over his Malaysian assets to any of his beneficiaries smoothly. Does the Government have any restriction on this matter?

A. Yes, provided he/she has a Will which indicated clearly to whom the properties are to be given. If not the next of kin of the participant will have to apply to the Government to have his properties released to them as the rightful heirs.

Q. Must foreigners buy new Malaysia property only, such as from developers, or can they purchase any property, such as from individual owners (second hand or third hand property)?

A. Participants can purchase any type of housing properties provided that it has been issued with CF (Certificate of Fitness).

Q. Do I need to obtain prior approval from Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) for the purchase and sale of my house?

A. Participants under this programme are not required to obtain prior approval for the purchase and sale of houses from FIC. However, they must write to the Ministry of Tourism giving details of the house (location as well as price) so that a letter can be issued to them certifying that they are eligible to purchase the said property under this programme. In addition, they are required to send a copy of the approval letter obtained from the respective State Authority which has authorized the purchase or sale of the property concerned to FIC for information.

Q. Am I subjected to the property gain tax if I make a profit from selling my house?

A.Yes. 30% within 5 years of selling house & 5% thereafter.

Car Purchase

Q. Is a participant who buys a second-hand local car eligible for tax exemptions?

A. Second hand cars are transacted on a willing buyer, willing seller basis and the government do not levy any sales tax and excise duty on such transactions. As such tax exemptions do not arise. However, second hand cars which are imported are subject to sales tax and import duty at the point of entry.

Q. If I had a car accident and as a result I need to change the car, do I have to pay back the tax exemptions?

A. Given the following situations:

  • If the car is repaired and sold it will be subject to the applicable tax/duty according to the prevailing rates.
  • If car is written off, taxes will be waived.
  • If the participant wishes to buy another car, their application will be processed on the merit of each case. Under normal circumstances a participant of this program is allowed tax exemption for a car on a one time basis.
Q. When can I sell the car, which has been given all the tax exemptions?

A. Cars that have been exempted from taxes and duties under this program can be sold or its ownership transferred provided the prevailing taxes and duties on the car have been paid prior to the transaction. However, for imported cars the condition stipulated in the AP should be complied before any sale or transfer can be permitted.

Income Tax

Q. If we were to retire in Malaysia do we need to still put in a tax return in Malaysia for foreign income earned?

A. Not required.

Q. What kind of taxes are the participants of this programme normally subjected to?

A. Income tax is imposed on income earned from investments in local companies and local share market. Please refer to www.hasilnet.org.my for more details on the tax structure.

Q. Is the interest for their fixed deposit taxable? Some say it is taxable, other it is not taxable. If the deposit amount exceeds RM100, 000.00 OR if the deposit period is one year. What is the exact regulation?
A. Interest earned by an individual from fixed deposit account is exempted in the following situations:-

  • Period exceeding twelve months or more any amount of interest
  • Period not exceeding twelve months interest on fixed deposit account of up to a maximum of RM100,000.00
Q. Is income remitted from abroad taxable?

A.Before year of assessment 2004 income remitted from abroad to Malaysia (apart from pension) is subject to tax. However, from year of assessment 2004 all income remitted from abroad is not subject to tax.

Q. Does the participant have to submit any personal tax declaration to the Income Tax Department of Malaysia, like Malaysians have to?

A. Yes.

Q. If the participants have to submit income tax return to the Income Tax department, are they entitled to any exemptions under the programme?

A.They will only be taxed on the income earned in Malaysia after taking into account the personal tax allowances. The income will be taxed according to a progressive tax rate structure.

Q. I am a German in which my country has a `double taxation agreement with Malaysia. I have an early pension and if I stay in Malaysia for at least 184 days, my pension scheme will not be taxed by the German Government and will also not be taxed by the Malaysia government. Is this true?

A. Under this Programme, pension remitted to Malaysia is exempted from tax.

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