MM2H Fees

Our MM2H Fees



* Limited to two (2) children with no extra fees otherwise TBC extra per person.

MM2H consultation via Video Conferencing/Office @ USD$100 per 30-40 min session.

refundable upon submission of your MM2H application.

SCHEME A - FULL MM2H; Documentation, Submission & Post Approval Services (all included in fee).
  • Provide latest and comprehensive information regarding the terms and conditions to applicants who are ready to join the MM2H Program.
  • Provide our personal MyExpat MM2H Guideline on financial requirements for application process.
  • Provide MyExpat MM2H Sample cover letters.
  • Provide MyExpat MM2H Sample resume/CVs.
  • Provide My Expat MM2H checklist for easy preparation of documents.
  • Prepare application together with the required documents for submission to the Immigration/ Ministry of Tourism.
  • This includes ensuring that the application form is properly filled up and all the required documents are attached and certified.
  • Sign a Personal Bond with the Government of Malaysia to guarantee the good conduct of the participants throughout their stay in Malaysia under this program (if applicable).
  • Inform clients about the status of their application until they receive the Conditional Approval letter from Immigration Department.
  • Advice clients to come to Malaysia within 6 months from the date of approval of the Conditional Approval letter to fulfil all the required terms and conditions.
+ Post MM2H Application Services (all included in fee).
  • Arrange for the transportation and accommodation for successful applicants upon the arrival in Malaysia (transportation and accommodation payable by applicant).
  • Assist successful applicants to open a fixed deposit account.
  • Arrange for medical insurance policy (we have an in-house Insurance Brokerage and can arrange policy immediately, payable by applicant).
  • Arrange for medical report (payable by applicant, max RM300 PER PERSON).
  • Alert participants on the types of incentives they can now apply under this program (House and Maid etc).
  • Assist in arranging Insurance for car, house, personal and business etc.
Other Fees payable by applicant:
  • Certification of your documents @ RM20 per page.
  • MM2H visa fees @ RM500-550 PER PERSON per year (as per validity of each passport and depends on citizenship)
  • Other visa fees @ RM500-550 pp (payable depending on citizenship)
  • MM2H medical report @ RM300 PER PERSON.
  • Health insurance depends on coverage and plan but you can provide your own.
Additional services - Other MM2H and Expatriate Services
  • Application for AP for imported car/ Local MM2H car
  • Application for housemaid
  • Arrange to bring clients’ personal belongings to Malaysia
  • Application for local driving license
  • Application to register number plate and register car
  • Arrange Medical Tourism
  • Arrange Freight Forwarding
  • Provide Property Investment consultancy
  • Provide Business Consultancy
  • Arrange setting up of Company Registration
General Terms & Conditions *
  • 50% Payment is only due once eligibility has been confirmed and application is ready for submission.
  • An Invoice will be generated upon a successful MM2H Submission to the MM2H Immigration Centre. An official Government Receipt will be issued.
  • All payments are due within 7 days of receipt of Invoice sent to the applicant either via Email/ Fax/ Post/ In-person.
  • Our Fees structure is subject to change at anytime without prior notice.
  • If payment is not fully made then we reserve the right to cancel your application and/or not update you of any progress of your application until payment is fully settled or as agreed.
  • My Expat will not be liable to refund the fee if the applicant refuses to proceed with an appeal and/or fails to provide additional documents as requested by MM2H.
  • In the event of the applicant or any of the dependents losing their right on the MM2H visa, after being endorsed, because of being in breach of its terms & conditions, the personal bond which we have committed to will be payable by the applicant on demand from the government.
Appeal & Refund Policy:
  • Appeals against rejections will be done free of charge in terms with the Ministry’s requirements.
  • Refund will be given back in FULL after final rejection.
  • If rejection is due to the applicants’ negligence, failure to provide correct, accurate or insufficient documents for application no refund will be given.
  • If based on bank & income verification failure then too no refund will be given.
  • No refunds will be entertained if the applicant has not fulfilled the Ministry’s terms, conditions requirements and procedures of the MM2H program.
  • No refunds accepted if rejection based on Government Sanctions/regulations/change of requirements and/or Security failure etc towards an individual applicant or country.


* All terms subject to change at any time via any form of email communication, whatsapp, phone etc.

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