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MM2H Fees


Our MM2H Visa Permit Fees


Please be assured that our fees are competitive because we think our rates are fair & reasonable. We do not compromise on our services. Please check our testimonials and you may also speak to our past clients for our reference. Our 99.9% approval rating & being the top ten agent is proof of our success and our client’s satisfaction. Try us and see… We do not take any deposits or money until all documentation is ready and that you are completely satisfied!!!

FAMILY * RM 9,000

* Limited to two (2) dependents. RM 250 per dependent thereafter.

SCHEME A – FULL MM2H; Documentation, Submission & Post Approval Services
  • Provide latest and comprehensive information regarding the terms and conditions to applicants who are ready to join the Malaysia My Second Home Program.
  • Provide our personal MyExpatMM2H Guideline on financial requirements for application process.
  • Provide MyExpatMM2H Sample cover letters.
  • Provide MyExpatMM2H Sample resume/CVs.
  • Provide MyExpatMM2H checklist for easy preparation of documents.
  • Prepare application together with the required documents for submission to the Immigration/ Ministry of Tourism. This includes ensuring that the application form is properly filled up and all the required documents are attached and certified.
  • Sign a Personal Bond with the Government of Malaysia to guarantee the good conduct of the participants throughout their stay in Malaysia under this program (if applicable).
  • Inform clients about the status of their application until they receive the Conditional Approval letter from Immigration Department.
  • Advice clients to come to Malaysia within 6 months from the date of approval of the Conditional Approval letter to fulfill all the required terms and conditions.


+ Post Conditional Approval Services
  • Arrange for the transportation and accommodation for successful applicants upon the arrival in Malaysia (transportation and accommodation payable by applicant).
  • Assist successful applicants to open a fixed deposit account.
  • Arrange for medical insurance policy (we have an in-house Insurance Brokerage and can arrange policy immediately, payable by applicant).
  • Arrange for medical report (payable by applicant).
  • Accompany successful applicants at the Immigration Department to pay the required visa fees and have their passport stamped with MM2H visa sticker.
  • Alert participants on the types of incentives they can now apply under this program (Car, House and Maid etc).
  • Assist in arranging Insurance for car, house, personal and business etc.
Additional services – Other MM2H and Expatriate Services
  • MM2H Renewals, Extensions, Transfers etc
  • Application for AP for imported car
  • Application for housemaid
  • Arrange to bring clients personal belongings to Malaysia
  • Application for local driving license
  • Application to register number plate and register car
  • Arrange Medical Tourism
  • Arrange Freight Forwarding
  • Provide Property Investment consultancy
  • Provide Business Consultancy
  • Arrange Work/Business Permits
  • Arrange setting up of Company Registration
  • Arrange Foreign Exchange services
  • Arrange inbound and outbound Travel and Tours
General Terms & Conditions *
  • Payment is only due once full preparation of documentation is complete & the MM2H Application has been successfully submitted otherwise we will not request for payment.
  • The processing will be initiated upon receiving a copy of a signed MyExpatMM2H Instruction Letter and agreed Terms & Conditions & only after a successful MM2H Submission to the MM2H Immigration Centre.
  • An Invoice will be generated upon a successful submission to the MM2H Immigration Centre. An official Government Receipt will be issued.
  • All payments are due within 7 days of receipt of Invoice sent to the applicant either via Email/ Fax/ Post/ In-person.
  • Our Fees structure is subject to change at anytime without prior notice.
Other Fees payable by applicant:
  • All Visa Fees including MM2H Visa (RM90/yr per person)
  • MEV & JP Visa Fees (approx RM10-50/RM500-550, only for persons normally requiring visa to enter Malaysia.
  • All above Authority fees payable by cash only direct to Immigration at stamping of Visa


Appeal & Refund Policy:
  • Appeal against first rejections will be done free of charge in terms with the Ministry’s requirements.
  • Refund will be given back in FULL after second rejection.
  • If rejection is due to the applicants’ negligence, failure to provide correct, accurate or insufficient documents for application no refund will be given.
  • No refunds will be entertained if the applicant has not fulfilled the Ministry’s terms, conditions requirements and procedures of the Malaysia My Second Home program.
  • No refunds accepted if rejection based on Government Sanctions/regulations and/or Security failure etc towards an individual applicant or country.
* Full Terms & Conditions will apply as per information pack in email.

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