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MM2H Announcements


Announcement effective September 2010

FOR APPLICATIONS WITH CHILDREN AS DEPENDANTS For applicants with children nearing the age 21 , they must submit their applications at least 6 months before their children reaches the age...


Announcement effective July 2010

Please be informed that the issuance of ID cards for MM2H participants will be temporarily suspended until further notice, due to technical problems. We regret any inconvenience and are looking...


Announcement effective 15th October 2010

Please be informed that all new applications must fulfil the financial criteria as per decided by the Special Committee on Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) as follows: For certified...


Announcement effective 1st March 2009

All MM2H applicants can go to the new Immigration office at PWTC from now on. Here you can get the MM2H visa endorsement processed (starting 1 March 2009) : Malaysia...


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